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Ketan Kothari Aarii Ventures

Ketan Kothari

Meet Ketan, a visionary entrepreneur and investor with a legacy spanning three generations. With a sharp focus on diverse sectors, including Gold & Commodities, and a strong presence in Financial Services, he's not just a business leader but also a mentor. Armed with a master's degree in Finance and Investments from the prestigious Nottingham University, UK, Ketan's expertise has propelled Augmont to the forefront of its industry.

His impact extends beyond business growth; he's been instrumental in launching various groundbreaking products, such as the world's largest spot bullion OTC platform, India's first digital gold platform, and India's pioneering gold borrowing & lending system. Ketan is also the driving force behind India's first structured product in gold and the country's leading gold refinery.

Innovating the Future: Ketan's Vision and Achievements

Ketan's primary focus is on building a diverse portfolio of direct startup investments. Additionally, he now takes charge of aarii ventures' listed equities and plays a key role in structuring the firm.

In recognition of his extraordinary achievements and contributions to innovation, Business World-honored him as a BW40under40 recipient in 2021, solidifying his status as a trailblazer in the business world.

Priyank Kothari Aarii Ventures

Priyank Kothari

Meet Priyank, an earnest entrepreneur and a relentless problem-solver, also serving as the Director of Arvog, a dynamic fintech company. Armed with a Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Enterprise Development from Westminster Business School, UK, Priyank's journey started from humble beginnings as a credit underwriter at Arvog. Here, he embarked on a journey of professional growth, dedicating nearly three years to honing his skills in this role before taking on the mantle of leadership.

In his twenties, he's been at the helm, leading operations, and steering an inspiring transformation. Priyank's youth is his advantage, fueling his dynamic, startup-minded approach. He takes an exceptionally hands-on role with the portfolio companies, embodying the spirit of a hidden co-founder. He provides steadfast support, maintains constant communication for real-time updates, and fearlessly propels their growth initiatives.

From Shark Tank to Indian Achievers: Priyank's Remarkable Journey

Priyank is skilled at investing, and he showed this by being a successful "shark" at a Shark Tank event hosted by the JITO Angel Network.

Notably, his passion for business earned him the respected Indian Achievers Award in 2022 for his exceptional work as a young entrepreneur.

Sagar Nishar , aarii ventures

Sagar Nishar

Meet Sagar, a seasoned professional with remarkable academic credentials, boasting a Master's in Management from ESCP Business School, France, an MSc. from Germany, CS, FMVA certification, and the achievement of passing all three levels of the CFA exams.

He has held key positions at the National Stock Exchange, BlueFactory, BrainHack, and Vaillant Capital Partners.

During his tenure at Vaillant Capital, he managed portfolio companies spanning the F&B, infrastructure, and logistics sectors, amassing a cumulative revenue of over INR 22 billion for family offices and FIIs. Currently, he holds the role of Head of Investments and Strategy at Arvog. His pivotal role in the sale of Arvog Forex to the UK's largest private company, Revolut, showcases his strategic acumen and deal making prowess.

Here, his involvement extends to overseeing M&A, restructuring activities, steering the company's investment portfolio, and enhancing the value of portfolio companies.

Fostering Startups and Achieving Excellence: A Glimpse into His Impactful Journey

Beyond his corporate roles, he is also an active angel investor and advisor, nurturing startups and guiding them from raising seed capital to securing further funding from esteemed investors and angel networks.

In recognition of his outstanding contributions,

he was honored with the Indian Achiever's Award in 2022-23.

Nidhi Bhatkar Aarii Ventures

Nidhi Bhatkar

Meet Nidhi, with a fresh and innovative mindset, she's all set to enhance our investment strategies. Her role spans from evaluating deals to executing investments, and closely monitoring post-investment performance while delivering significant value to our portfolio companies.

Her journey has been enriched with corporate development and operational experience, gained at an American multinational brokerage firm, Interactive Brokers. 

Her educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Financial Markets, completion of 5 Actuarial Science exams from IfoA, UK, passing both levels of the Financial Risk Manager certification, and passing Level 1 of the CFA program. Nidhi is actively involved in the startup ecosystem, where she thrives on engaging with entrepreneurs, sharing & gaining insights, and supporting their growth journeys.

Aarii Ventures

“Alone we can do so little,

together we can do so much.”

~ Helen Keller

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Anuj Chavan

Meet Anuj, currently pursuing his bachelor's degree in commerce from R.A.Podar College of Commerce & Economics. He has completed an extensive course focusing on financial analysis, financial modeling, business valuation, and business analysis, where he has gone through case studies of 100+ listed entities and made an Initiating coverage report on one of the market leaders of the building material industry.


With an early exposure to basics of sectors like Cement, Pharma, IT, and BSFI he has been endorsed by the Finnacle Institute, where he was the batch topper. Here, he is fully immersed in researching pre-IPO companies and listed equities, attending calls, and closely monitoring the progress of companies.

He has a keen mindset for researching companies and a hunger to learn various business models, contributing to his analytical skills and market insights. His strong interest in the investment ecosystem, particularly the private side, makes him a dedicated candidate committed to delivering superior research and insights.

Mitesh Boricha Aarii Ventures

Mitesh Boricha

Meet Mitesh, an experienced Accountant highly skilled in Stock Market Transactions and Investment Accounting he has an extensive knowledge of markets and how stocks are influenced by current events. He has an ability to handle large accounts, build strong relationship with stakeholders and communicate effectively. 

Proficient in managing financial operations, maintaining balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and preparing reports on it. Armed with a proactive problem-solving approach and dedicated to succeeding in a fast-evolving landscape.

Priya Jain

Meet Priya Jain, a dynamic professional whose journey intertwines taxation expertise with legal acumen. With a robust background as a GST Consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Priya brings a wealth of experience to her current role.


Driven by a passion for legal advocacy and a desire to broaden her horizons, Priya transitioned seamlessly into her current role as a Legal Executive. Her meticulous attention to detail, combined with her analytical prowess, makes her a trusted advisor and a valuable asset
to her organization.

Her educational background includes Master’s degree in Accounting and Financing, completion of Bachelor’s in LLB. As a legal executive with a strong foundation in consultancy, she epitomizes professionalism, expertise, and versatility.

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