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Our Journey Through the

World of Venture Capital.

Aarii ventures stands as a distinguished multi-asset class investment firm, strategically positioned with exposure to private enterprises encompassing startups, pre-IPO companies, and publicly listed enterprises through direct investments as well as through Portfolio Management Services (PMS). Our diversified approach also extends through various other avenues, including Private Equity Funds and Venture Capital Funds, with a unique role as a Limited Partner (LP). Operating seamlessly across the dynamic markets of India and the UAE, we epitomize professionalism in sculpting and navigating diverse investment landscapes.


Aarii ventures efficiently oversees the proprietary capital of the esteemed Kothari family owners of the RSBL and Augmont Group—leaders in India's bullion industry, boasting a turnover surpassing ~$3 billion. 


Leveraging extensive networks within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, Aarii ventures excels in investing across a diverse spectrum of asset classes with precision and expertise.

Bold Decisions. Bright Futures.

Aarii Ventures

"Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people”

-Steve Jobs

Our Team

Ketan Kothari , Aarii Ventures

Ketan Kothari


Priyank othari Aarii Ventures

Priyank Kothari


Sagar Nishar, Aarii Ventures

Sagar Nishar

Head of Investments

Nidhi Bhatkar Aarii Ventures

Nidhi Bhatkar

Investment Analyst

Anuj Chavan

Research Analyst

Priya Jain

Legal Executive

Mitesh BorichaAarii Ventures

Mitesh Boricha 

Accounts Executive

Our Approach

At Aarii Ventures, everyone who collaborates with us, or those with whom we've had the honor of collaborating, represent a diverse spectrum. They defy specific demographic criteria and lack a uniform pedigree. Whether they are establishing B2C or B2B companies, their clientele may range from housewives in our country to enterprise CXOs overseas, despite these variations, a common thread among them is their unwavering commitment to addressing challenging issues, typically those instigating a fundamental shift in consumer behavior and giving rise to expansive markets.

Typically, we join forces with these entrepreneurs during the nascent stages of their ventures, aiding them in attaining product-market fit and navigating the initial stages of scaling. While we contribute capital and guidance, our underlying strength lies in our unwavering belief. We stand as dedicated supporters of these entrepreneurs, maintaining our investment for a span of eight to ten years, aligning with the founders' enduring commitment to their business ambitions. Encouraging and standing by founders in pursuit of their audacious goals is the essence of Aarii Ventures' mission. It defines our existence and fuels our enthusiasm to approach each day with excitement and dedication.

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