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  • What do we look for in a potential investment?
    Here's a sneak peek at what sparks our interest when we're looking at potential investments, A big and expanding market, especially if it's not fully explored yet. An impressive team of experts who are really passionate about what they're doing, and they show resilience and resourcefulness. Solid, defendable profits from recurring or predictable revenue. Advantages in getting and keeping customers. Being efficient with capital and having the potential to scale. Building strong connections and growing through the product itself. Having various ways to potentially exit. BONUS: Growing faster and seeing increased user engagement.
  • What stages do we invest in?
    We invest in the early stages, providing initial funding for rounds before Series A (specifically Pre-Seed and Seed stages). Additionally, we set aside follow-on capital for companies successfully executing their plans. Our primary focus is on deploying significant funding into promising seed-stage companies.
  • What are the sectors of focus?
    Our main areas of focus revolve around thrilling product and platform opportunities in fintech, consumer tech, green tech, and health tech.
  • Do we invest in International Startups?
    While our main focus is on India, we welcome cross-border investments that align with the Indian consumer market. Additionally, we are open to considering VC fund investments beyond the Indian subcontinent.
  • How fast is the funding process, and what's the average investment size?
    We're designed for speed and can move swiftly when needed. The funding timeline is flexible, and for various stages, our investment sizes differ. We can invest up to $5 million, and it's important to note that we don't have specific ownership targets.
  • How do we work with our companies post-investment?
    As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand the challenges of building sustainable businesses, and we're committed to being there for founders who might sometimes feel isolated. We prioritize accessibility through email and phone communication. Furthermore, we actively foster connections by introducing our entrepreneurs to a vibrant community of peers, accelerators, and co-investors. This network is designed to assist in problem-solving, connecting with customers, and, ultimately, securing the next round of capital. Recognizing that the ultimate aim of our entrepreneurs is to build successful businesses, we maintain a delicate balance between providing active support and allowing them the space they need to thrive.
  • I am seeking funding. Is it possible to schedule a discussion?
    Certainly. We kindly request you to provide some preliminary information. You can submit your pitch to us by clicking here. Please allow us some time to thoroughly review your proposal.

Pitch to us.

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