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The investment office of the Kothari Family

(Arvog, Augmont and Aranath Group)


The investment office of the Kothari Family

(Arvog and Augmont Group)

We back exceptional founders 

management teams

at all stages, supporting

their groundbreaking journeys.

Our wide-ranging involvement spans diverse industries, enabling us to effectively manage risk while uncovering opportunities across various economic sectors.

Across Industries

Our engagement extends to companies at various developmental stages and with diverse ownership structures, mirroring a rich portfolio of investments and business interests.

Across Markets

Our involvement encompasses a diverse array of companies at varying stages of development and operating under different ownership structures, illustrating a comprehensive portfolio of investments and business interests.

Across Companies

Aarii Ventures

The ecosystem

AARII Ventures is a cutting-edge investment firm that takes financial success seriously. Our seasoned professionals specialize in innovative investment strategies, making wealth-building straightforward and profitable.


With a fresh and dynamic approach, we invest in a diverse range of opportunities, spanning technology, real estate, and emerging markets. At AARII Ventures, we're committed to helping founders reach their goals and succeed.




Fintech Aarii ventures

​The Fintech sector isn't just a passing phase; it's a global evolution that's redefining how we manage, invest, and transact with our finances. Our mission is to back trailblazing innovators shaping the future of finance.


Tech Aarii Ventures

Technology sector is a vibrant and ever-evolving landscape, at the forefront of innovation and changing the way we live, work, and interact with the world.

Deep Tech

Green Tech Aarii Ventures

Greentech sector is more than a trend; it's a global revolution, reshaping how we power, move, and protect our planet. We're committed to supporting visionary leaders at the forefront of this transformation.

Green tech

D2C brands Aarii Ventures

D2C brands revolutionize retail by directly engaging consumers online. Their focus on personalization and transparency builds trust, making them influential players across industries.

D2C Brands 

Health Wellness Aarii Ventures

The health and wellness industry is not just a trend; it's a global movement that is shaping the way we live, eat, exercise, and take care of our bodies and minds.

Health &


Real State Aarii Ventures

Real estate and logistics are changing with direct, digital interactions—boosting efficiency and transparency in transactions and supply chains.

Real Estate 
& Logistics

We are sector and stage agnostic

We can help you.


Offering strategic guidance and expertise to help them navigate the complex landscape of business.


We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs transform their visionary plans into tangible results.

Aarii Ventures


Progress is a journey, a relentless pursuit of improvement, growth, and innovation. It is not just a destination; it's the path we travel on to build a brighter future.

It’s all about a dialogue

A few words from founders. entrepreneurs and global leaders.

Our partnership with Aarii Ventures has been a game-changer for us. Their strategic guidance and financial support have propelled our company to new heights. Their team's insight goes beyond just funding – they truly understand our industry and have become invaluable partners in our success.

Securing investment from Aarii Ventures was instrumental in accelerating our growth and advancing our sustainability goals. Their commitment to innovation and sustainable business practices aligns perfectly with our mission. The financial expertise they bring to the table has been crucial in navigating complex markets

Partnering with Aarii Venture has been a transformative experience for us. Their team's understanding of the financial technology landscape, coupled with their strategic insights, has been crucial in navigating the rapidly evolving market. Their support has not only accelerated our growth but also positioned us as industry leaders.

Pitch to us.

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